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We drive industry-leading results for ambitious ecommerce stores on a pay-on-results basis.

What we do

We have specialized in few fields providing a strong synergy, in order to always deliver an industry-best service for our clients.

Paid social

The best way to create interest, need, and demand for your product and brand.

Email marketing

Your marketing channel with the highest ROI - an absolute must to use.

Organic social

Increase your credibility, build your own crowd of followers and feed them with your latest products and offers.

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What you can expect

One permanent contact person

To ensure the best communication and maximum efficiency you will have one permanent contact person who handles your case. No more miscommunication and having to speak with several different people.

Weekly video reports

Every week we will send you a personal video report going through all our KPI’s, learnings and plan.

A flexible and close to risk-free investment

We tailor our retainer to every client. Some prefer a flat fee and some a commision-based fee. Some even a mix of the two.

Case - Outdoor and fishing

ROAS increased by 44% and email subscribers doubled within 3 months

When we began our adventure with Jan og Bo’s Lystfiskershop they already had experience with multiple marketing channels such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and email marketing.

However, they never managed to grow and create noticeable results. So we devised a new strategy and started implementing our framework.

Quickly we discovered what was working and what wasn’t and were able to increase their ROAS by 44% and double their email subscribers within 3 months.

Jan og Bo's Lystfiskershop -

Case - Party Supplies

Revenue increased by over 4.000% within 2 months with an average ROI of 8.7x

When we first started working with Festgear they already had experience with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, but had never gotten the desired results.

So we knew that we had to come up with a new approach and strategy.

After just 2 months of implementing our framework and executing their new strategy, we were able to increase their revenue by over 4.000% while maintaining an overall ROI of 8.7x


Case - Women's Fashion

ROAS increased by 61% compared to previous years

"I am so grateful for the day Magnus showed up 1 year ago, and we started a fantastic collaboration. Magnus is a super talented, competent young man who knows what he's doing. My revenue has only gone up and up again after he joined.

In addition to that, he creates a fantastic sense of security and trust by continuously being in contact by email, phone or video.

I have been through many large companies that have run Facebook advertising for me etc. and each time I have been disappointed and a lot of money has been wasted. That's definetly not the case with Magnus and Ozeana. They have my best recommendations."

Sus Isager - CEO @

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